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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Maximum Ride Forever ~Review

"You're the most stubborn person
I've ever met, and sometimes
it seems like your sole purpose
in life is to make mine harder, 
but I swear, I love you
more than I thought I 
could love anyone."

Maximum Ride Forever....... I have so many feelings about this book.....

Back of Book:
Happily ever after is a lie. 

I've fought my whole life to keep my family safe.

I've even had to kill those who hunted us down.

But when the world is destroyed and you're alone for the first time ever...

How do you find the strength to stay alive? 

Okay.... Where am I going to begin with this? I don't think I have fully digested all the events that happened here in this book. I'm still shocked and hurt and mad and sad and happy and in love.

DISCLAIMER: There more than likely will be spoilers in this review. If you haven't read the book yet, I suggest you click the back arrow when I tell you to. For now though, I will try and keep the spoilers out for a bit. 

My thoughts on the Maximum Ride series, is that it could have ended after the first three books and I would have been okay with that. The entire series, I love, I really do, despite having hated moments of the books, I overall love them. Maximum Ride has been a series I have read over and over since 2005 when it came out. 

This is a series I've grown up with, I've grown up with the flock and felt like they were a part of me. The first three books: Angel Experiment, School's Out Forever, and Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, really could have been the entire series and most would be happy with it. 

But Patterson continued on with the series, and don't get me wrong, James Patterson is one of my all time favorite authors, and this series is by far one of my top three, but Patterson really dragged out this story for all that it is worth. He put the flock through so much, and at times, I truly wanted to chuck my books out the window. 

But I refrained, and I continued to read EVER SINGEL BOOK, he put out in this series. 

Nevermore, book #8 in the series, that was supposedly going to be the last one, I was actually okay with. I know a lot of people hated Nevermore, but honestly, the flock was safe on an island, and I was okay with it. 

Now.... onto Maximum Ride Forever. 

This book has me torn between hating it and loving it. I finished it the day I am writing this review, and I know I know, I am late to the party. But honestly, I was terrified to read this book. I didn't want it to ruin the entire series for me. I had heard rumors and in my attempt to refuse to read the book, I could pretend the rumors weren't real...... But I caved. 

Maximum Ride Forever, takes place in a post apocalyptic time and the flock are in danger....again. Food is scarce, the entire world is over, and guess what, they are being hunted...again...

The day I bough the book, I started reading it. I didn't get far into it, only chapter 5, (those of you who know how Patterson writes, that's like page 15) when tragedy struck!!!! I dropped my book and it opened to a random page in the back. 

TURN BACK NOW IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE BOOK!!!!!! I don't want this to be ruined for you like it was for me. Please, do not continue if you haven't read the book. 

I read the page...I read the stupid page that had opened up. On that same page, I found out two things. 
1. Max is pregnant
2. Fang is dead. 
NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Why did I have to read the stupid page! I was only on chapter 5 and I completely spoiled the book! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!? 

But I continued on, I had to... right? Wrong. I could stop any time. It wasn't like I could read the book anyway, my eyes were too blurred with tears as I sob my way through the book. 

I hated how Dylan, Akila, Nudge, Total, Gazzy, Iggy and most of all Fang, died in the book. I hated how trusting Max got with those albino kids in Africa. What is the matter with you Max? You don't trust people ever! She almost got her wings eaten because of her stupidity. I hate Angel and how evil she is. Yes, I 100% believe Angel is evil and never changed after she was kidnapped. This kid has issues that if I address in this review, the review will never end.  Fang was dead because of this stupid child who has a horseman kneeling at her feet after he ripped Fang's wing off. 

I hated reading this book. I hated how it made me feel, how it made me cry and steam come out of my ears. I hated it. 

Dylan, my sweet Dylan, who I will never love as much as Fang but definitely has a Dylan shaped hole in my heart. He is posing as a Horseman and pretending to kill the flock, but really is saving them. How wonderful for everyone. Nudge, Total, Gazzy, Iggy and Fang are all safe.... WRONG!! FANG IS DEAD DEAD DEAD. GONE FOREVER NEVER COMING BACK. James Patterson, how can you live with yourself? You killed MY Fang. I HATE THIS BOOK.

I continued to hate this book all the way until Chapter 91. Haha, Max, you really think you can kill Dylan with a scalpel? Go for it, he couldn't save Fang. I'm okay with you stabbing him a couple times, course he won't retaliate at all since he loves you---- is that Fang on the bed ? Dylan took Fang's body back to Dr. G.H's lab and tells Max he can make Fang live again.... Max faints, I would too. Don't worry Max. 

Dylan's made an artificial wing for Fang, since you know.... Horsemen ripped Fang's wing off. Still crying a little about that.... But Dylan is offering Max the one thing she really wants. This is where she tells Dylan she's pregnant with Fang's baby and BAM, Dylan makes his decision..... He brings Fang back to life by sacrificing himself....

* I
* H
* A
* V
* E
* S 
* O
* M
* A
* N
* Y
* F
* E 
* E
* L
* I
* N
* G
* S

Did you catch that? He sacrifices himself for Fang so Max can be happy... I'm sorry about ever bad thought I had about you Dylan.... Rest In Peace. 

Fang comes back to life and now he and Max are together again and have a sweet baby girl names Phoenix. (How cute! Get it, she has wings and was born out of the ashes.... Nice one Patterson.)

I love this book. I hate this book. I want to burn this book. Yes, you heard me, I want to burn this book. But I want to save it forever. I want to hold it and hug it and use it as a tissue (too late).

Regardless of whichever emotion is dominant, I still haven't decided, this book was worth it. It was worth reading it. I was worth ever tissue I used and every crinkle in the pages from holding it out of anger. It was worth it. I feel satisfied with how it ended, I feel sorta whole... (still missing the Dylan shaped hole in my heart), But its okay. 


Sunday, October 4, 2015

Breaking The Rules ~ Review

"Sometimes we don't choose
the memories, but they choose us."

Breaking The Rules by Katie McGarry!!! This is the sequel to Pushing The Limits !!! This book was just as good if not better than the first. But, I would first like atto mention the lovely covers. This is 100% my only complaint for this book, and really it's only half a complaint since the e-reader cover is gorgeous..... The above cover, is beautiful, it's cute, the text isn't scary and the couple is adorable. This cover, is only available as an e-reader cover.... WHAT! I can say I was disappointed to say the least. Because I loved the book so much I 
 went ahead and bought the actual book. But the cover on the left, it isn't actually a cover. No. It is a poster. So I got stuck with the cover on the right. With big green, boisterous text, and a couple that looks like some abstract art.... but not what I wanted.....Which is ironic to me, since Echo is like an amazing artist and whatnot. So I am a little sad that I wasn't able to get a gorgeous cover to match the first one. As if the cover didn't make me sad, Breaking The Rules, is smaller in height than Pushing The Limits! What!? So now the book is shorter and makes it uneven with Pushing The Limits!!!! UGH!! But that is my only complaint of the book. Now on with the actual book review!
Back of Book:
For Echo Emerson, a road trip with her boyfriend is the perfect way to spend the last summer between school and college. It's a chance to forget all the things that make her so different at home. Bust most of all it means almost three months alone with gorgeous Noah Hutchins, the only boy who's never judged her.

Echo and Noah share everything. 

But, as their pasts come crashing back into their lives, it's harder to hide that they come from two very different worlds. And, as the summer fades, Echo faces her toughest decision- struggle to face the future together or let her first love go...

*Deep Breath Carissa

Okay.... Wow... I always have a hard time reading sequels to books that are so fabulous as stand alone. But this book.... yeah. 


All of my fears about reading this book were nonsense. Both Echo and Noah's character development went so much further than the first book. I fell in love with the couple all over again. I found myself so deeply involved with the characters that I found myself predicting their next words and next actions. 

I started this on a four hour car ride from a family reunion back to home, and I finished it all. I couldn't put it down. I was engrossed in the book. 

In this book we find more out about Noah's family and more about what makes Noah, Noah. We learn more about Echo's lust for self-success and how these two can beat the odds. 

Reading this sequel has made my life complete and I could die happy because I know what happens to Echo and Noah now. I highly recommend you read Pushing The Limits and then Breaking The Rules, both of these books are my absolute favorite things in the entire world. Without them I would feel empty.

This sequel had me on the same emotional rollercoaster as Pushing The Limits did. I loved every second of climbing and loved even more the moments of free falling. This sequel left my heart throbbing and aching the read it again...... so I did. Twice more actually, I even reread Pushing The Limits in between rereading the sequel twice.

MUST READ!! GO PICK IT UP NOW AND READ!! THIS IS IMPORTANT!! You're life won't be complete until you do! These two books are tied with being my favorite book of all time. I never knew a sequel could do this to me... but it has. Echo is as sassy as ever, Noah is as sexy as ever, and together.... OMG. I can't live without them. 

Shout out to Katie McGarry for making such incredible characters. As a writer McGarry is simply splendid. The way she develops her characters in outstanding. Other authors, I'll read their book and love the plot but could care less about the characters because they never develop. McGarry is the total opposite. She has an incredible plot and she goes into each character so well that they feel like they are a part of you. I feel so close to Echo and Noah. 

After reading this sequel, I think I am finally going to read her other books in the series, Crash Into You, Dare You To, Take Me On. These books follow some of the other characters in the Pushing The Limits series. Like I said about this sequel, I was scared to read it for fear it would ruin the first one for me. But I believe in McGarry so much that I am going to continue to read her books. 

Along with the rest of the Pushing The Limit's crew, I will read her new series, Thunder Road

TTFN, more reviews to come and definitely more Katie McGarry on the way! 

Lock and Key ~Review

"It's a lot easier to be lost than found.
It's the reason we're always
searching and rarely discovered
--so many locks not enough keys."

Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen, is a very sweet book that I recommend as a book when you need to feel self-empowered. The book follows a girl named Ruby on her path to self discovery. When I first read this book I was in middle school. It was a little bit mature for my age group but I read it again in high school and fell in love with it all over again.

Back of Book:
She's used to counting on no one and answering to nobody. But all of that changes when her mother vanishes and Ruby is sent to live with her older sister, Cora. Now Ruby's got her own room in a fabulous new house, she's going to private school, and -for the first time- feeling as if she has a future. Plus, there's the adorable and sweet boy next door, Nate. Everything should be perfect. So why is Ruby so wary? And why is Nate keeping her at a distance? Ruby soon comes to realize that sometimes, in order to save yourself, you've got to reach out to someone else.

I have a very good relationship with my mother, and so I usually find it extremely hard to dislike mothers in books and moves, but I didn't particularly like Ruby, Ruby's mom (Yes they have the same name).

Then there is Cora and her husband Jamie. At first, my ideas of Cora were slightly negative, like how could you leave your sister? But then as I continued to read through the book I understood Cora a bit more and I liked her a lot by the end. Jamie, I absolutely loved him from the beginning. He was sweet and endearing and throughout the whole book, he just really wanted to help Ruby. He was one of my favorite characters.

As mentioned in the book description, there is Nate. Nate was very kind to Ruby and I really think that he is what helped Ruby open up more. Their relationship was definitely the reverse of what I usually read. Instead of good girl meets bad boy, it was bad girl meets good boy. I actually enjoyed the switched up relationship. 

All in all, this book is one of my all time favorites, so much so, that my copy has water damage due to falling in the bathtub. Oops. ;) 

More book reviews to come, sorry it has taken me so long. Life happens though, and I think we can all understand that. 

Comment any book suggestions you'd like me to read and review.