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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Breaking The Rules ~ Review

"Sometimes we don't choose
the memories, but they choose us."

Breaking The Rules by Katie McGarry!!! This is the sequel to Pushing The Limits !!! This book was just as good if not better than the first. But, I would first like atto mention the lovely covers. This is 100% my only complaint for this book, and really it's only half a complaint since the e-reader cover is gorgeous..... The above cover, is beautiful, it's cute, the text isn't scary and the couple is adorable. This cover, is only available as an e-reader cover.... WHAT! I can say I was disappointed to say the least. Because I loved the book so much I 
 went ahead and bought the actual book. But the cover on the left, it isn't actually a cover. No. It is a poster. So I got stuck with the cover on the right. With big green, boisterous text, and a couple that looks like some abstract art.... but not what I wanted.....Which is ironic to me, since Echo is like an amazing artist and whatnot. So I am a little sad that I wasn't able to get a gorgeous cover to match the first one. As if the cover didn't make me sad, Breaking The Rules, is smaller in height than Pushing The Limits! What!? So now the book is shorter and makes it uneven with Pushing The Limits!!!! UGH!! But that is my only complaint of the book. Now on with the actual book review!
Back of Book:
For Echo Emerson, a road trip with her boyfriend is the perfect way to spend the last summer between school and college. It's a chance to forget all the things that make her so different at home. Bust most of all it means almost three months alone with gorgeous Noah Hutchins, the only boy who's never judged her.

Echo and Noah share everything. 

But, as their pasts come crashing back into their lives, it's harder to hide that they come from two very different worlds. And, as the summer fades, Echo faces her toughest decision- struggle to face the future together or let her first love go...

*Deep Breath Carissa

Okay.... Wow... I always have a hard time reading sequels to books that are so fabulous as stand alone. But this book.... yeah. 


All of my fears about reading this book were nonsense. Both Echo and Noah's character development went so much further than the first book. I fell in love with the couple all over again. I found myself so deeply involved with the characters that I found myself predicting their next words and next actions. 

I started this on a four hour car ride from a family reunion back to home, and I finished it all. I couldn't put it down. I was engrossed in the book. 

In this book we find more out about Noah's family and more about what makes Noah, Noah. We learn more about Echo's lust for self-success and how these two can beat the odds. 

Reading this sequel has made my life complete and I could die happy because I know what happens to Echo and Noah now. I highly recommend you read Pushing The Limits and then Breaking The Rules, both of these books are my absolute favorite things in the entire world. Without them I would feel empty.

This sequel had me on the same emotional rollercoaster as Pushing The Limits did. I loved every second of climbing and loved even more the moments of free falling. This sequel left my heart throbbing and aching the read it again...... so I did. Twice more actually, I even reread Pushing The Limits in between rereading the sequel twice.

MUST READ!! GO PICK IT UP NOW AND READ!! THIS IS IMPORTANT!! You're life won't be complete until you do! These two books are tied with being my favorite book of all time. I never knew a sequel could do this to me... but it has. Echo is as sassy as ever, Noah is as sexy as ever, and together.... OMG. I can't live without them. 

Shout out to Katie McGarry for making such incredible characters. As a writer McGarry is simply splendid. The way she develops her characters in outstanding. Other authors, I'll read their book and love the plot but could care less about the characters because they never develop. McGarry is the total opposite. She has an incredible plot and she goes into each character so well that they feel like they are a part of you. I feel so close to Echo and Noah. 

After reading this sequel, I think I am finally going to read her other books in the series, Crash Into You, Dare You To, Take Me On. These books follow some of the other characters in the Pushing The Limits series. Like I said about this sequel, I was scared to read it for fear it would ruin the first one for me. But I believe in McGarry so much that I am going to continue to read her books. 

Along with the rest of the Pushing The Limit's crew, I will read her new series, Thunder Road

TTFN, more reviews to come and definitely more Katie McGarry on the way! 


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