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Monday, February 1, 2016

E-Reader vs. Book

Okay, this has been a debate thats plagued the world since the first E-Reader was invented in 2004, and one I personally struggle with too.

First off, I want to recognize some pros and cons of each, then I will explain when I use each of them and why.

First up, E-Reader:

Mass collection of books
Easy to travel with
Can read in the dark
Light weight
Can read through a large book easily without getting distracted by the daunting size
Can eat while reading on E-Reader

Has to charge
Can break if dropped
Can't get wet

Drum roll for Books :

The magical feeling of holding the book
Book smell
Read in the tub
No battery life

Can't eat while reading a book
Can't read in the dark
Can't travel with a lot of books

Personally, I prefer a real book more than an E-Reader, but E-Readers have great uses in my life. When I travel, I definitely bring along my kindle. I read real books more often than I do on an E-Reader. But each of them has their uses. When I travel and it's night, I use my kindle cause then I can read in the dark, and I have an endless collection of books that I can read. But I love being able to hold a big 1000 page book and say, "Heck Yes I read all of this." 

Honestly, I use both of them regularly. I'm sure you all have your preferences, mine is real books, comment below and let me know what you like best. Add any pros and cons to the list if you'd like and let me know if I missed them on my list. As always, enjoy the book you're currently reading!


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  2. You should't have a book near water anyway. I prefer books to E-Readers simply because the feel of owning a physical book, along with the smell of the binding is intoxicating in itself. However; an E-Reader is undeniably more efficient as a reading tool. It comes down to preference, one is not better than he other.

  3. Also, E-readers usually have battery lives that last an obnoxious amount of time. The batteries do not affect your reading habits as long as you sleep. Plug it in next to your phone overnight, and you are more than prepared to spend the entire day reading away.