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Friday, May 13, 2016

My Life With The Walter Boys ~Review

"You couldn't  control everything,
because it wasn't all meant 
to be perfect.
Sometimes things needed
 to be messy."

I originally read this story when it was on Wattpad. For those of you who don't know, Wattpad is this awesome website where aspiring writers can share their stories. Ali Novak, the author of My Life With The Walter Boys originally started this book on Wattpad before getting it published. I loved this story then and I love it even more now. You all should definitely check out

Back of Book:
Jackie Howard does not like surprises. Chaos is the enemy! The best way to get her successful, busy parents to notice her is to be perfect. The perfect look, the perfect grades- the perfect daughter. And then...

Surprise #1
Jackie's family dies in a freak car accident.

Surprise #2
Jackie has to move cross-country to live with the Walters- her new guardians. 

Surprise #3
The Walters have twelve sons. (Well, eleven, but Parker acts like a boy anyways.)

Jackie is now surrounded by the enemy. Loud, dirty, annoying boys- who have no concept of personal space. Okay, several of the oldest guys are flat-out gorgeous. But still annoying. She's not stuck-up or boring- no matter what they say. But proving it is another matter. How can she fir it and move on when she needs to keep her parents' memory alive by living up to the promise of perfect ?

When I read this, a couple years ago, I loved it. It was an incredible read with an interesting plot and I was inthralled in the life of the Walter's. Not to mention Novak had me in love with all eleven Walter boys. Some of it, I wish I was in this book and could date them, and others, I wish you were my little brother, kind of love. 

Although this started out as an online story that could be read by millions, I felt like it was meant for me. It takes place in Colorado, and as you know by the name of my blog, I live in Colorado. It hit close to home for me and as Novak describes the beauty of Colorado, I knew exactly what she was talking about. So I felt like this book was written to tug on MY heart strings. 

And tug it did. The way Novak wrote about the dynamic between each character had me feeling like this was a real family that I was a part of. The fighting between the brothers was so realistic and nothing I haven't witnessed before. It felt real. 

There was no instant romance in this book either, there was slow build ups and I loved that almost as much as I loved the quirkiness of the characters. Each character had their own personality and the personalities never blended with each other. Everyone was different and it was so much fun getting to know every character. I feel like a lot of authors lose sight of that and their characters begin to blend. Not the Walter children. 

Aside from the impeccable writing style that Novak has, this novel was a serious page turner for me. I couldn't put it down, each moment was leading up to something else and I desperately wanted to know what it was leading up to, so I kept reading. 

I give this book five stars for sure. I loved it on Wattpad and I loved it as an actual physical book. Now I can add it to my shelf and notice it time and time again sitting there and it will make me smile. Because the entire book had me smiling. From the first page to the last. I loved this book!

I'm in a contemporary phase at the moment. I just can't seem to get into any fantasy right now. If you have any suggestions, please comment and let me know what you'd like me to read next!


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