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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Never Never Part 3 ~Review

"Trust your gut.
Not your hear, because it's a people pleaser,
and not your brain, because it relies too heavily on logic."

Back of Book:
Together, Silas Nash and Charlize Wynwood must look deeper into the past to find out who they were and who they want to be. With time ticking down, the couple are in a race to find the answers they need before they lose everything.

Can they regain what they once had? And will it restore who they once were?

What...... No way...... this.... what..... Okay.

This series was fantastic! I wouldn't expect anything less from Colleen Hoover. This Tarryn Fisher chick was pretty awesome too and I'm definitely going to have to look into her writing a little more.

A constant mystery, I kept trying to figure it all out, but there were so many twists and turns, I honestly had to give up the guessing an just go with the flow.

These books are tiny, super easy to get through and so fast paced, it's easy to finish in one sitting. The character development was amazing! I mean, we knew more than the characters did most of the time, but the way they kept building off of themselves was great. I definitely recommend this series to anyone and everyone. How can you not love these!

Tarryn Fisher, I'm looking you up. Be warned. 


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